Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Begin: Oxtail Noodle Soup

Here's to my new blog! Starting things off, this post is about the ginger oxtail stew recipe I recently tried out. It's another good one from that now treasured tome of mine, The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook, by Patricia Tanumihardja. Oxtail is such a tasty cut of beef. Mmm, the meat with the cartilage and gelatin...I can understand why it's a little more pricey.

The recipe in the book only described the stew, but I made it into a beef noodle soup because it seemed so clearly right, rather than serving it with rice, as was suggested. I added in boiled 芥藍 jie lan (Chinese broccoli), and the noodles I used were dried 拉麵 la mian (a Chinese wheat noodle--which I suspect to be the origins of Japanese ramen, given the similarity in pronunciation, the fact that Chinese people call Japanese ramen, "la mian," and the fact that ramen is also "Chinese noodles" in Japan.) Check out the book if you'd like to see the recipe!*

Shots from the process:

The cast assembled

Oxtail parboiled

Simmering away


Woops, forgot to include the cilantro and green onion garnish in the photo.  Well, it does mean the main ingredients are more prominently and clearly pictured.  Anyway, for next time I'll try using a different cut of beef and see how things work.

*Copyright's a weird thing here, for me. I'm wary of posting recipes from books due to copyright issues, unless I've made modifications--on the other hand if recipes are describing what are considered classic dishes from a culinary tradition, can an author really claim copyright? I don't know about that.. In any case, I'll stick with only posting modified recipes, ones that are available publicly, such as on the web, or my own, when I have something good.


  1. Delicious looking Wil! Oxtail is cooked to perfection and good choice with the Chinese broccoli!

  2. Thanks, T! Isn't it great when the meat almost falls off the bones?

  3. ooh. This looks good. Kudos on the photo too. I've never tried oxtail before, so I think I should if they sell any here. (the local asian supermarket closed. :(

  4. Thanks, Sawa. Yes, you should! I realized that I've had it a number of times before but just never knew what I was having. That's sad, about the local asian supermarket. :( Yeah, as I was leaving the somewhat local Chinese supermarket, I was just thinking how underserved the market here is; the parking lot's just packed as hell. Much more so than the somewhat local Korean supermarket. I'd say it's because the produce at the Chinese one is vastly superior--and, well, they've got a greater variety of produce and products. I will be good at rambling as an old man.