Saturday, February 26, 2011

Round 2: Quickbread

My second attempt at baking! I hadn't heard the term, "quickbread," before, but it's a pretty broad category, including banana breads, cupcakes, cakes, and scones. Basically breads that use leavening agents other than yeast. The recipe I followed for this one is from Mipa at Alien's Day Out, a vegan food blog. Thanks go to my friend, Maree, for introducing me to her blog. Actually, I'm very appreciative of her blog and for this recipe's being near the top at the time I looked, for revealing/confirming to me the viability of using oil, and canola oil specifically (canola's the best!), in baking. Awesome! Because I can't use dairy, and the vegan butter substitutes, like Earth Balance, seem to cause me issue, too.

Her recipe calls for jujube, which I didn't have, so I just made a raisin quickbread. It turned out great; the bread had a nice kind-of crisp crust with moist interior and a mildly sweet flavor. I halved everything since the recipe said the amounts would make 1 large loaf--but I guess what she calls a large loaf, I think is medium. Ah well, duly noted. Anyway, I'm excited to try making other quickbreads, now! First up, of course, will be banana, and next probably squash as time windows arise.

Off-Topic Interlude
Time to pull out my nerd card on you. This is about light and color. Check out the photo below:

Under the red saran wrap, the plastic bowl looks white rimmed and pale green bodied. However, all of the bowl is actually the same pale green. The saran wrap absorbs non red light, and green, standing opposite red on the color wheel (which totally isn't scientific--it's an artist's tool. Actually, I wonder how the color wheel's complements actually work out physically with the light spectrum and their subtractive interactions...?), has no red component and comes out looking colorless through the plastic wrap! Cool, right? Right? Fine, I thought it was cool. I tried holding a piece of the wrap over a more saturated green to see how it looked, but it still showed through as green (though, less so, of course), I'm guessing because it was a lot more saturated, but don't know why.


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