Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Black Sesame Banana Mini-Muffins.

It's brilliant, I tells ya. (If you came up with this idea before, you're a genius, too.)

Mini-muffins rather than full sized ones because I don't want to eat large quantities of pastries at one time. I mean I do, but I don't. My roommates aren't big consumers of baked goods, either, so I can't just push excess baked goods off on them.

I was originally thinking about making black sesame 湯圓 tangyuan, and then I thought of this instead (I'll make the tangyuan another time). Half the batch is just black sesame without banana (yeah, that was a pain, calculating odd fractions and converting between measurement types to mix two tiny batches of ingredients, but I wanted to test with and without banana at the same time). Both are good. I just added black sesame powder the way you might add cocoa powder and it worked great. Actually, probably could have added more powder. Next time I think I'll try making them with black sesame paste filling. It'll compound the genius, maybe into madness.


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