Friday, March 11, 2011

Pad See Ew...Scrambled...

Well, at least it tasted good. I didn't manage to keep the noodles mostly intact. Taking them out of the freezer, they were pretty brittle. I soaked them in warm water for a while, which helped. You normally wouldn't have to soak fresh noodles (bought from store, but not dried noodles). Damn the blessed freezer. Or bless the damned freezer. It's very helpful but also messes food up, too. If the Asian grocery stores weren't so far away, I wouldn't have to freeze foods so much...

Anyway, this recipe was another one from The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook. I used chicken for the meat. The flavors were good as far as I know, but I'm no expert on Thai food. No process pics; this one moves pretty quick once your prep is done.

In other news, I tried making that Indian eggplant curry from a while ago again. It turned out much better this time.

 in progress

Well, I actually had all the ingredients this time, including the unsweetened dried coconut, which turned out to be pretty important. I didn't add the last bit of oil, which really isn't necessary--it's already a very oily dish.

Actually, just having a sharp knife turned out to be very important to the dish's success. Last time I made it, I was using one of my roommate's knives. This time I had my own, which I hone regularly. The sharp/straight edge allowed me to slice the ginger slivers very thinly, whereas last time I didn't cut them as thin. This meant that this time the ginger slivers shriveled and wilted better so that their flavor and presence weren't overpowering like last time.

A final note: eggplant always takes much longer to cook than I expect. Daaamn.


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