Sunday, May 22, 2011


Dairy purists, avert your eyes!

This was my first attempt at making a pizza, and I think it turned out pretty well. This one was a chicken pesto pizza. Crust came out nicely, golden brown on the bottom like around the edges in the photo (preheat your pan!). You'll notice that my pie was not perfectly round. It's "rustic", I tell you! (note: I am opting for the "logical" or British model of period and comma placement.) The dough had a fair amount of resilience in retaining its shape though; when I was rolling it out, beyond around 10 inches in diameter, it kept pulling back in to a great extent. I don't know if that's to be expected or not, but I suppose it turned out fine in the end. It wasn't a thin-crusted pizza, though, to be sure.

As for the "cheese", well, it was vegan "cheese". I dunno, it's alright. It's certainly not real cheese, but I suppose it does okay as a stand in. Apparently some brands are better than others, and the one I used is less favored. This one's texture was somewhat off, flavor was okay, but rather light. Given that vegan cheese has little nutritional value, though, I'm fine with just not bothering with it. Guess I'll just be looking toward cheeseless pizzas in subsequent attempts.

Recipes: Bittman's pizza dough and loosely followed this chicken pesto pizza recipe for handling the toppings. As for the baking, I went for 450 degrees and around 12 minutes, stopping when the crust looked right. I don't have a pizza stone or pizza pan, so I just used parchment paper on a (preheated) baking sheet.


  1. Well done with your beautiful pizza, William! I can't believe this is your first attempt! I think that a "free form" pizza is so much better than a perfectly round, cookie-cutter pizza. All the famous pizza places here in New Haven make free-form pizzas.

    I'm impressed that you were able to make such a nicely-browned crust without a baking stone! Mark of a true cook!

  2. @Jessie @ The Happiness in Health Thanks, Jessie! Haha, oh it must be beginner's luck.