Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thai Tamarind Chicken

 I always forget the garnish before I shoot...cilantro (aka coriander?) in this case

I have tamarind paste on hand from another dish I made earlier and wanted to use more of it rather than let it just sit in the refrigerator, so I looked up random recipes on the Internet and pulled out one that looked good. Wow, this was delicious! So savory and flavorful. However, the tamarind flavor wasn't very strong to me, despite the recipe's warning that tamarind paste is very strong and needed taste-testing and careful balancing with fish sauce and sugar at the end. It didn't need any adjusting for me. Well, supposedly freshly made tamarind paste is stronger than the pre-made kind, which the recipe calls for and which I used, but maybe it's just the container I had or the brand. In the previous dish I used it in, the tamarind flavor didn't really come out much either.

The interesting thing about this dish was the basting/glazing technique. I'm not sure what to call it when you spoon the sauces a meat is sautéing in over it as it cooks. Still called basting if you're not roasting or baking it? I mention glazing since "miso-glazing" uses the spooning technique and creates something of a "glaze" on the food. In any case, for this dish, you are asked to add the sauce a couple tablespoons at a time, waiting for it to cook out before adding more. I'm not sure why, but I'd guess that doing it this way makes for a more viscous coating of sauce on the chicken and mushrooms.

Oh man, the mushrooms, mmmm...

 the ingredients

 stir frying away

with the last bit of sauce, I added the chilies in, too (jalapeno in my case)


  1. Yum! maybe i should make this! i have half-used tamarind paste that's been sitting in the fridge for a while.