Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green Curry

Damn. So...Thai green curry from scratch takes a lot of ingredients. I followed this recipe. Made from scratch, though, is much more fragrant and tasty than the pre-made paste you can buy in Asian food markets. If you've got the time, then I'd say it's worth it. I'm missing some ingredients here, and had to substitute lime zest for the makrut (kaffir...I recently learned of the racially derogatory roots of the word, "kaffir") lime leaves and pickled bird peppers for fresh Thai peppers. I've not worked with makrut limes/leaves, though, so I don't know how close a substitute lime zest is. But zesting the lime with knives was a gigantic grater wasn't able to grate the lime skin for some reason... The pickled bird peppers I'm realizing as I occasionally use them, are not as spicy as I'd prefer.

sliced off strips of the peel, which was very thin on this lime. Then removed the pith (it would be bitter otherwise).

next, sliced the peel strips very thinly

 green curry ingredients ready to process


mmm, looks and smells great, sizzling away

But then came the coconut milk. In my opinion, this recipe calls for a little too much. The flavor and spice was dulled down a bit by the amount of coconut milk. In the future I will use chicken stock to fill out the liquid volume.

looks neat, though. hmm, makes me miss matcha lattes and matcha cakes. and matcha desserts in general.

And tragedy struck: I realized this go-round with coconut curry that I have the same issues with coconuts as I do with all nuts (as coconuts are nuts after all). Yes, it's not mentioned in the blurb on the side of the blog, but in addition to milk products, I also avoid nuts, chocolate, and excessive glucose consumption as my system complains when I have them. Le sigh. So it goes.

pretty pikchar

If only I'd drizzled better


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