Saturday, November 5, 2011

On the rare occasion

On the rare occasion I try baking, but for the most part I stick to cooking. As someone who used to love pastries and still loves good bread, though, baking recipes still catch my eye. Just, now they have to be dairy free, low in sugar, and whole wheat or other grain for me to try them out. Which is why this recipe for sugar-free pumpkin cookies caught my attention. That and pumpkin-everything is great, am I right?

I realize I could probably just sub in whole wheat flours and non-dairy fat substitutes and reduce the sugar for other recipes. But in any case, it's not just for the allergy issues that I favor cooking over baking; rather, making substantive meals just appeals to me more.

I'm definitely not so familiar with baking, though, and don't immediately think of all of what's going on with the details and trade-offs of ingredients in proportions and substituting. For example, the above-linked recipe calls for a lot of pecans. Well, I can't do nuts, so I just dropped them for some more oats and flour--but without adding more oil in to make up for the loss of the nuts' oil. My batch turned out more biscuit-y than cookie-y, but I rather liked them.

There was a lot of pumpkin puree left from the can after making the "cookies", though, so I tried making a pumpkin butter following another recipe... Added a little too much cinnamon and didn't want to add too much sugar to try to take off the bite... ah well, it was okay.


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