Friday, December 23, 2011

Blasphemous Burgers

green curry hamburger

To a hamburger purist, what I made for this post must be an egregious blasphemy; I made a green curry hamburger and put it on slices of whole wheat bread instead of a round roll of some sort. Yup, the bread is from when I tried making bread from scratch. Hey, I was leaving town in about a week and had the bread on hand. Might as well. And you have to break with convention to discover and learn.

This was also my first time making my own hamburgers. I even "ground" the meat myself! Well, I don't have a meat grinder, but a food processor works well. I do wish I had a larger one than my little 4 cup Cuisinart, though. Maybe a 7 cup one. The "grinding" could have been a little more even, with the small bowl size getting in the way. I feel much safer grinding my own beef chuck rather than buying pre-ground beef...mad-cow fears.

The dimples in the middles of the patties are so that when they cook up, the end result is a flat patty rather than a domed one.

So how did my experiment turn out? Well, first of all, the hamburgers themselves were great. I did make a plain rendition (well, the beef was salted and peppered before being made into patties), and one basted with Worcestershire sauce as it cooked. Both were excellent. As for the green curry version, though...well it was okay. I think I put too much lime juice in my green curry (from scratch also) paste, though, as it was a little sour. (I used this recipe for green curry paste.) Hmm. I may mess with it some more next time. Maybe try a different recipe for green curry paste; I haven't given up on the concept yet.

This post isn't really infused with holiday spirit, but happy holidays, nonetheless, everyone!


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