Monday, July 2, 2012

Grape Tomatoes on Cereal

Grape tomatoes on your cereal: AWESOME.

In the words of Mr. Schwarzenegger, "DO IT NOW!"


*addendum: Alright, I can't resist my wonkish side. The tomatoes really bring out the flavors of the cereal grain (in this case a very light rice cereal). I think it's because of the high levels of glutamic acid in tomatoes, and we all know glutamates are flavor enhancers. What's great about the grape tomatoes is also their relative sweetness, small size (no cutting necessary), and the nice texture and burst of flavor you get biting into them.

Regarding that first link, oh woops we shouldn't remove the juicy, seedy interior when making sauces because that's where most of the glutamates are? Damn, guess we have a bit of a problem if we want to avoid too much fluid in a dish, then.

Also, here's an interesting article on why our bright red tomatoes are flavorless, noooooo.

Last point: the orange colored grape tomatoes pictured above are from Zima, and I found them to be much tastier than the generic red grape tomatoes I picked up from Harris Teeter to compare. They had more juice in them and were more flavorful.


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