Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Upside of Losing Your Local Supermarket

About two months ago, my local supermarket, a Harris Teeter, had to shut down due to a burst pipeline that flooded its building. This forced its customers to find other options. To try to redirect customers to the next nearest Harris Teeters rather than competitors, they have sent coupons to us while they deal with cleanup and a complete remodeling of the flooded store.

Although I now have to travel farther to do my grocery shopping (for me, the next nearest store was another Harris Teeter anyway), there is a benefit to concentrating customers into fewer grocery stores. As I've noted before, more customers means greater turnover of products, with produce (and fish/meats) benefitting from greater freshness in particular.

Now, I don't know if my substitute Harris Teeter was like this before the influx of "refugees", but its produce and fish do seem to be fresher. It is in a more densely populated part of the neighborhood, though, so it could just have more foot traffic in general. However, its ginger still suffers (Great Wall's the best).

I'm tempted just to keep going to this Harris Teeter (we'll see how the old one is when it comes back), but on the other hand, I'm benefitting from having unlimited access to a car while my roommate is out for the summer.


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