Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gluten-Free Potato Gnocchi

Although summer squash season has passed, there is a new mass-supplied crop from my CSA: potatoes. So, to help consume larger quantities of them, rather than slicing and dicing, stewing and stir-frying, I tried making gluten-free potato gnocchi. I also referenced ATK's wheat flour version for their convenient and quicker method of precooking the potatoes.

About to start rolling them out.

Pretty successful. Looks kinda like dduk, here. Sauce is an Italian meat sauce, but with pork belly.

CAVEAT: Serious Eats' recipe is no good, in my experience. The amount of sticky/rice flour they call for is nowhere near enough for the gnocchi to hold together when simmering. They mention that the dough should feel "firm", so I just kept adding...and adding...and adding. Finally I just decided to stop, but my gnocchi still disintegrated a little when cooking, and after I'd added more than twice the amount of flour they had as their max. As a consequence, my gnocchi tasted a little floury, but was otherwise light and fluffy--though I've never had potato gnocchi before. Or maybe even plain-ol' gnocchi, for that matter.

Conclusion: probably still need xanthan gum for gluten-free potato gnocchi.

I tried making another batch, limiting the sticky/rice flour to their max and it just completely fell apart in water. Fortunately, it was still good as mashed potatoes.

Speaking of mashed potatoes, that's a much simpler and quicker dish to prepare if you want to use up a lot of potatoes. I was also very pleased to learn that you actually don't need butter to make good mashed potatoes--though a little bit of oil is nice to add.

mashed potatoes with kale (not from the disintegrated gnocchi)


  1. Bummer that the gluten-free recipe didn't turn out so well. That always drove me nuts about some recipes, where you needed to add way more flour than the recipe called for. Always makes me wonder if the recipe creator was using a special flour that I didn't know about. Your mashed potatoes look stellar, though! I've never thought of putting kale in mashed potatoes. I'll definitely have to try that -- talk about superfood mashed potatoes!

  2. Oh it's excellent; adds a great textural contrast with the mashed potatoes, not to mention the whole superfood aspect of kale. In a similar way, try adding kale to your lentil curry or other such dishes!