Saturday, December 29, 2012

See You in 2013

Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone for following my blog. I hope your holiday season has been full of good company and food. I hope 2012 has been full of growth and that you're looking forward to 2013. Onwards and upwards.

What's pictured above? In the foreground is a bowl of you fan, literally "oily rice" in Chinese. It's made with sticky rice, and is a staple of Taiwanese potlucks and dinner gatherings. I followed this recipe loosely, for this, my first attempt. But I think it needs considerably more soy sauce; it was fairly bland. When I've had it at family/friend gatherings, it's always been a lot darker (more soy sauce). I'll include the pork next time. Cilantro garnish is a great addition. Also including the little dried shrimp (not mentioned in this recipe) is great, too, if you're not allergic. Recipes for you fan are difficult to find online. I'll come back with my own when I've refined one.

And in the background? Just some Hainanese chicken and sauce for it. Recipes abound online. I didn't bother with the rice--was making you fan, after all.

See you next year!


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