Sunday, January 27, 2013

Time Pressure: Chicken Teriyaki

Sometimes you just need to put something on the table, quick. Or you just want to put something on the table, quick. Or maybe it's a lot of times. Marc Matsumoto's skillet teriyaki chicken is a great one for a quick weeknight meal. Combine with some briefly boiled vegetables (so they're just tender-crisp; and toss with whatever you want, if you don't like them plain--I actually do) and steamed rice (rice cooker, duh) and you're good.

Need it faster? Use boneless chicken legs or thighs instead of deboning them yourself. I happened to have bone-in chicken legs on hand at the time, so I had to debone mine. A little clumsily with my chef's knife--another instance (which happens every once in a while) where I wish I had a boning knife. (Side note: I also wish I had more thorough and actual knife skills training. I may take a class eventually.)

Also, Matsumoto calls for honey in his recipe, but you can easily sub in an equal amount of brown sugar for it, as I prefer; I don't like having to clean honey off of things if I don't have to. Brown sugar's also cheaper. You could even do a little less sugar/honey, if you don't want your teriyaki too sweet.


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