Friday, February 22, 2013

Crisp Dumpling Membrane

I have been wondering how to make that crisp connective "membrane" between dumplings forever! And Serious Eats' Food Lab recently posted an answer here. Awesome. But--I tried adding cornstarch before and it totally just resulted in a gooey mess. Maybe I should have waited longer. I'll have to give it another shot some day, when either I make more gluten-free dumplings or I decide to deal with the wheat... Or maybe I'll try pan-frying those sticky rice dumplings I made...could be bad.

Anyone try pan-frying sticky rice dumplings before? Or, wait a sec, I definitely had some fried sticky rice dumplings on my last trip to Taiwan (which were excellent). But they were deep-fried. And at the same place I had some pan-fried xia jiao (a.k.a. har gao), but those are made with wheat starch, instead. Still, similarly gooey; it might work okay with sticky rice dumplings, then.


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