Monday, March 11, 2013

Cheap, Very Useful Tools

If you haven't seen this already, Andrea Nguyen has a great post at VietWorldKitchen on 8 cheap and eminently useful metal kitchen tools. I just have it sitting in my browser tabs for when I have the opportunity to use one that I don't already have and want to buy it. I've already got a skimmer, and recently picked up a small roasting/broiler rack that I've already used a lot, both for roasting and for prepping meat or fish with seasoning, even if I'm not going to roast it. It's handy for keeping the fish/meat out of any excess water/juices, and keeping dry seasoning in place when you need to flip it and season the other side.

Small tongs might be handy, but I just use chopsticks most of the time, or large tongs. Tortilla press could make dumpling-making so much quicker (and thus more likely to happen). I've been considering buying one for quite a while. But on the other hand, you wouldn't have the thicker part in the middle which is helpful to avoid tearing. Vertical roaster seems neat. The vertical handle strainer and stovetop grill seem handy, too. Anyway, check it out.

She also had a followup post on mini-tools for the kitchen, but I don't have so much use for the tools featured. Maybe you would, though, so here's the other post.


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