Thursday, June 27, 2013

Za'atar Oatmeal

I sure post a lot about oatmeal. But oatmeal's great, very versatile. And here's another thing to try with your oatmeal: za'atar. There are a lot of little variations in the abundant recipes you can find online, but most basically it's ground sumac, thyme (or oregano, or something else, or some combination), sesame seeds, and salt. Unfortunately, I have issues with sesame seeds (yeah...), so to get a bit of sesame flavor in without setting off my allergies, instead I drizzled a bit of sesame oil in with the other ingredients. Brilliant! (Sesame oil doesn't cause me any problems, so it must be some other element of sesame seeds--likely a protein, as they're often the allergen in foods.)

For protein and more substance to my breakfast, I added a soft-boiled egg. Mmmm--but there are few things you could add an egg to that it would actually clash with. Usually egg makes things better with its richness--egg in and of itself doesn't have a lot of flavor to it. Add a little salt and the egginess starts to come out more, and it goes great with savory dishes and salads. At the same time, it's also an essential ingredient in desserts.

Speaking of versatile foods, za'atar is very versatile, too, going in all sorts of Middle Eastern dishes and meshing with all sorts of foods.


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