Thursday, July 4, 2013

Banh Maki

So...this happened. :) "Banh Maki" because it's banh mi ingredients in a maki zushi. (I also considered titling the post "banh mushi"...sounds funnier, but also like mushy.)

Concept is good, but I need to tweak ingredients and technique. My pickling solution for the Vietnamese pickled carrots and daikon was too weak. I'd pick a little less salty a ham next time. Also would add cilantro, but didn't have it on hand for my quick experiment. Wish I had kewpie mayonnaise, but that's not essential. Sushi rice'd be nice, but more trouble than I'd want to put into what should be a relatively convenient lunch to make.

Here's a good resource on all you need to know about making and rolling sushi. Wish I'd found it before this trial. I've just been going off the casual technique I learned from my grandma and mom! Not that it really matters for casual diners.

Anyway, I just want to say, today we celebrate our great nation that allows such wonderful culinary creativity and coincidence of cultures to conspire! Happy 4th, everyone.


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