Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roast Pork Shoulder: Crispy Skin

O beautiful, for criiiispy skin / for amber waves

I finally got a great, crisp, flaky pork skin on my shoulder roast! Eating this does not feel healthy, but it tastes rich and delicious. The trick is that you need to salt the skin (and not put your oily, moist marinade on the skin, but under it rubbed into the meat) to draw out moisture so that it crisps up when roasting. There's a lot of oil in the skin, though, which makes it feel very rich in your mouth. Plus the salt. I prefer it on rice or probably congee would be good, too--good textural contrast (which is why you tiao, aka "Chinese donut", goes great with congee, too).

I'm still not managing to get the salty rub/marinade to penetrate to the more central regions of the roast, though. Cutting deeper slits into the meat and making sure to rub the seasoning into the cuts helps, a four- (or more) pound roast is pretty big, and it may not be possible to get to the inner regions. So that's why you eat it all together, slices from the outside to the inside, giving you the more seasoned and crusted outside to the falling-apart insides.

Continuing to tinker, so I don't really have a good recipe of my own yet. But Googling "pork shoulder roast" will bring up plenty of different approaches, including the ones I've been looking at.


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