Saturday, August 10, 2013

Italian Fried Rice?

It actually works really well! I had a couple chicken thighs, but not enough to want to braise or do a dish that centered around the meat, so I decided to go for a fried rice. I didn't have any veggies on hand for it, though, except a portion of an Italian-flavored salad that I'd made previously (modified from this recipe). It had zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, and scallions (it's a good one!), and I thought, "hell, why not?"

It turned out to have a really nice, round flavor to it, I think because of the uncooked olive oil that came in when I added the salad in. But also, the basil and oregano with chicken harmonized well. Tomatoes added some brightness, and the squashes with their skin some good textural contrast.

Try it out! Or try other ethnic cuisine* inspired fried rices; I mean, you know many other east and southeast asian cuisines have fried rices, too, right? And then there's paella, and risotto's just another step away.

*Don't think Italian is ethnic? Why not? Ethnicity doesn't mean "group of people who are not of Western European descent", and we're all foreign to someone else. As Tyler Cowen says, "All food is ethnic food."Alright, alright, so in common usage in American English we have a certain concept around the term "ethnic food", but think about this in the back of your mind when you're talking about it.


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