Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pineapple and Thai Basil Muesli

Pineapple and Thai basil are a good combination. Try it!

Above was my crazy idea for my post-run snack. I've taken to letting some rolled oats soak in soy milk and a bit of water (the water keeps the resulting muesli from being too thick and almost sticky) while I run so I can have a bit of carbs immediately ready to eat when I get back. This bridges the time until I can shower and eat a fuller meal.

This was another one of those moments when I look at what's on hand and it just strikes me that, "Huh, that seems like it'd work well." I was thinking along similar lines to adding mint to fruit, though Thai basil adds a more complex twist than mint, which I think is less of a flavor stretch from the sweetness of fruit. The touch of sourness in pineapple works particularly well with the Thai basil.

Next time I'd cut the pineapple into smaller chunks, but otherwise it was great.

(The proportions in the recipe below are for a full serving. I have half of that for my post-run snack.)

Pineapple Thai Basil Muesli

50g rolled oats
100g soy milk (sweetened, or unsweetened soy milk + your choice of sweetener to taste)
splash of water
bite-sized chunks of pineapple
Thai basil leaves
  1. Combine rolled oats, soy milk, and water in a bowl and let sit in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to let the oats absorb the fluid and soften.
  2. Add pineapple and Thai basil to the bowl and enjoy.


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