Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pressure Cooker Risotto

Holy crap, if you have a pressure cooker and haven't yet tried making risotto with it, do it. Do it naaow! It cooks the rice perfectly: done through al dente without a chalky core. Best of all, though, no need to stand over your rice and stir forever.

Check out Hip Pressure Cooking's breakdown. Pazzaglia makes the intriguing assertion that actually what makes for the creamy texture of risotto is the toasting of the rice before the broth is added. As she also notes, Bittman also finds constant stirring not necessary.

The recipe at Hip Pressure Cooking is aimed at stove-top pressure cookers. Electric ones are different, and whatever kind you have, it all depends on the pressure your cooker can achieve. Rather than the 7 minutes Pazzaglia's recipe calls for, my electric one needs 10 minutes on high pressure.


  1. Just placed an order for Instant Pot yesterday! (Post Valentine's gift from hubby). Can't wait to use it!