Sunday, February 2, 2014

Under Pressure

Pressure cooker, this is the beginning of a great partnership.

Getting a pressure cooker opens up new horizons. Chicken stock, done in just one hour without having to watch it! Pork shoulder tender in just one hour!

The quick and quality stock making capabilities are particularly appreciated. I can pick up chicken backs for cheap and make a batch of chicken stock that is cheaper and better tasting than the store-bought stuff without too much trouble. But also, I'm excited to revisit pho and tonkotsu soups, now that I won't have to watch the soups for so long.

Also intriguing was that the carrots I threw in with the pork shoulder had more concentrated and different flavors than I've ever tasted in carrots before. There was an almost floral quality to them, a little bit like with parsnips, though not quite so distinctive. Also, because pressure cooking prevents fluids from boiling, potatoes and carrots don't fall apart as they cook, and chicken bones don't release a lot of residue making the resulting stock relatively clear.

Anyway, looking forward to learning to use this new tool.


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