Sunday, April 6, 2014

Steel-Cut Cakes!

So, this is my new favorite thing. And I already blogged about it last time, but I wanted to give it a nicer photo treatment, so feast your eyes! Part of my complete breakfast. Alright, I'm coining it: these are steel-cut cakes.

And so you have the whole recipe laid out, here it is:

Steel-Cut Cakes
cooked in a rice cooker (alternatively, however you normally cook your steel-cut oats)

~110 grams steel-cut oats (about .75 cups)
~450 grams water (about 1.8 cups)
salt to taste
splash of soy milk

oil for pan-frying
honey, maple syrup, fresh fruit, cinnamon, whatever you like for toppings. If you can have dairy, then I bet butter or whipped cream are great--pretty much anything you'd have with waffles, pancakes, and the like.

  1. Add oats and water to 5-cup rice cooker (I think these measurements are scaled to Zojirushi’s 5-cup model rice cooker to avoid foaming action’s clogging the vents), set to "porridge" setting, and press cook. Note Zojirushi's warning that if yours doesn't have a "porridge" setting, you should watch it while it cooks since it my overflow while cooking (and in that case isn't so handy a method over the normal stove-top method). Alternatively, set timer to finish cooking when you wake up, if your rice cooker has the function.
  2. Once oats are finished cooking, add pinch of salt and splash of soy milk and mix well. Don't add too much extra fluid or the oatmeal won't set as thickly, which you want in order to fry your cakes; just a splash for some creaminess. Pour oatmeal into a container with high sides, pack it down using a spoon or other tool, and set in refrigerator to chill for several hours or overnight, until completely cooled and set.
  3. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. While the oil is heating, prepare the oatmeal into cakes. Run a spreading knife around the edges of the container to loosen the cooled oatmeal and then invert container over cutting board to plop out the oats. Slice into thick "pancakes". Place the slices into the hot oil and cook until golden brown on both sides (5-7 minutes per side depending on how thick you sliced your cakes and how hot your pan is). Remove to a plate, add your preferred garnishes and enjoy.


  1. Love this idea! I adore steel cut oats anyway but haven't used them beyond porridge.
    Definitely trying this, thank you :)

    1. Great, I hope you enjoy them! And thank you for reading!