Sunday, June 1, 2014


Now this is a fantastic comfort food dish. Thanks go to a friend for telling me about it so that I'd go and look up recipes and make it for myself. If you can have cheese, it's just that much more delicious, but in my opinion, the real heart of the dish is the fried corn tortillas softened in salsa. You get a great contrast of textures in the crisp parts of the fried tortillas against the chewy softened parts. Then the egg and onion mixed in seem pretty standard, too. But other than those components, you can really add whatever you want. I've added black beans and scallions in my rendition pictured above. Thing is that chilaquiles is like fried rice in that it's an endlessly flexible dish meant to use up leftover ingredients like extra tortillas and salsa.

Here are the three recipes I referenced in getting a grasp of the concept before doing my own version. You can see that they vary considerably in approach. The first one calls for 30 (!) tortillas, which is just way too much in my opinion. 10 tortillas seemed about right for my 10-inch skillet.

Give it a shot!


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