Monday, March 16, 2015

Kimchi Dashi with Unfrozen Tofu

Made a kimchi dashi (my preferred kombu and niboshi dashi, rather than using expensive katsuobushi), which was really delicious, especially with the spongy unfrozen tofu soaking up all that savory soup. Also tossed in a microwave soft-cooked egg for some smooth richness, and steamed black and white rice.

Since the kimchi was already made, and had been fermenting several weeks, this was a really easy dinner to make. I hadn't made kimchi dashi before, but it's a fantastic soup. And I've always got kombu and niboshi on hand, so that's an easy soup base to make, whereas I don't generally have Korean red pepper paste (gochujang) or soy bean paste (doengjang) on hand. There's often wheat flour in doengjang and sometimes in gochujang, too, so allergy sufferers take heed.


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