Monday, March 23, 2015

Okra for the Goo Averse

Hate the gooeyness of okra's guts? Try eating them raw and whole for a change. Raw okra has a crisp texture, kind of like a slightly softer cucumber, and it's insides don't turn really sticky until after cooking. Try to pick smaller okra, about 4-inches in length or less, for them to be more tender.

You can also cook them til they're just done, tossing them in oil and broiling, grilling, or stir-frying them before tossing with a little salt or other seasoning. The insides won't have turned super sticky yet, and the okra will be more moist. Keep the caps intact so the insides don't escape and turn gluey. You can trim them down a bit if preferred.

I don't actually mind the gooey texture of cooked okra, and think it's clever the way some Southern and African dishes take advantage of okra's goo in making stews. But when you're just eating okra straight up, I think it's a more pleasant eating experience this crisper way. And then you can always deep-fry okra, of course.


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